WCLA Insurance Agency Inc.
American Forest CC RRG

American Forest Casualty Company Risk Retention Group (AFCCRRG) was formed in September 2003 to provide the most competitive insurance coverage terms and security to logging and timber-related companies.

The Washington Contract Loggers Association (WCLA) Insurance Agency is the exclusive agent for American Forest Casualty Company RRG.

AFCCRRG was established as a risk retention group (RRG) and is licensed and authorized, pursuant to the federal Risk Retention Act of 1986, to underwrite commercial general and auto liability business in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska and Montana.

Insurance policies are issued utilizing standardized coverage forms to a limit of $1,000,000 with additional excess limits available. Insuring terms, premiums, and conditions are set by American Forest Casualty Company RRG underwriters. Claims are administered by local adjusters responsive to the needs of the insured.

As a requirement for insurance within the RRG, individual applicants must qualify as a logging or timber-related company, meet certain underwriting standards, and purchase shares (or ownership) in the company.

For three years prior to forming the RRG, WCLA successfully managed a captive insurance program. The extremely positive results from this captive enabled WCLA to make the transition to an RRG more easily and with confidence. WCLA has a long history of delivering underwriting profits to insurance companies, and now those profits will be returned to the individual owner/members through reduced insurance costs, market stability and future dividends.

The WCLA Insurance Agency has been in existence for 17 years and has served its members with Insurance, Risk Management, Safety Training and Loss Control services.

We know the logging business and we also understand the decision to purchase insurance is based upon premium pricing in addition to quality, security and service. We believe we can deliver in all of these areas. We urge you to contact your WCLA agent today for a quotation for commercial coverage under our program at (800) 422-0074 or .


To down load the AFCCRRG Code of Business Conduct and Ethics form, please click here: Code of Business Conduct and Ethics_Adopted 01-04-2016

To download the AFCCRRG Governance Standards form, please click here: Governance Standards_Adopted 01-04-2016